Manuela Giles 22/03/2021
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Stock photography can be purchased online and can be used in a variety of environments. But what exactly does that mean and how did it come about? We will find out from this article!

Stock photography can be purchased online and can be used in a variety of environments, depending on the license: commercial or editorial. The stock photos, as claimed by several photographers from Norske-Anmeldelser, are mainly used by news agencies, advertising agencies, and tourism companies and have appeared in various domestic and international publications, as well as on the covers of magazines. travel, in various commercials, and more.

Many photographers are interested in stock photography to recover some of the investment made in photo equipment, given that, as the passion for photography develops, usually, photographers tend to buy cameras and photo accessories. increasingly expensive.

What is stock photography?

First of all, we have to define the stock photo because it is not a very common thing, just like the T8. This is the type of commercial photography that is mostly used outside by most online people – whether they are web designers or online magazine editors. They buy them to use for various purposes.

These pictures are usually large and of good quality, which is why it is recommended to be made with high-performance cameras. Remember that a picture can be sold hundreds of thousands of times, so for a good picture you can earn very well.

Simple and concise, when we say stock photography, we think of the process of making and selling images through agencies/sites, whether they are specialized/segmented or non-specialized.

Many microstock agencies will be happy to sell your photos and share the proceeds with you:

The evolution of stock photography

The evolution of stock photography has been progressive, more and more join this wonderful way of working. Although there are still many questions about what it is, how it works and how it can be put into practice, it is not very complicated to understand.

Currently, stock photos are one of the best ways to earn extra income. The evolution of stock photography goes beyond how we can get photos, or how it has become a good digital working model. The aesthetics of the images that are obtained in photo banks have known changes.

The first agencies of this type appeared in the 1920s, turning it into a century-old and extremely innovative business. They were founded to provide solutions to newspapers and advertisers, allowing them to get photos that are ideal for their concepts, without having to resort to a photoshoot. There were times when the files were physical and manual, which was very laborious.

Then, in the 1990s, with the advent of the Internet and the beginning of digitalization, micro-action platforms quickly replaced agencies. Being one of the first drastic changes that stock photography has experienced.

In the 2000s, these types of platforms were comfortable, accessible, and accessible to anyone who needed digital photos specific to the subject, and not just to advertisers and newsagents.

What are the best-selling stock photos?

All the themes you can imagine are a good option, as they are used by digital content creators, even so, the most requested in the field of stock photos are the following:

  • Photos with various technological gadgets.
  • Photos of cities that can be used in all kinds of urban contexts.
  • Family photos.
  • Photos of beaches, planes, drinks, or anything else related to the holidays.
  • Photographs of natural landscapes.
  • Photos that can represent emotions and sensations.
  • Photos about recycling and ecology.