Manuela Giles 01/09/2021
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Portuguese people are happy people. And healthy people. Outdoors, nature and sports are a way of life for many Portuguese.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important not only for their overall wellness, but it is part of the culture too. This can be seen in the fact that Portugal made it illegal for restaurants and eateries to not provide vegan meal options. They are the first country in the world to create this law – and many other European countries are following suit with similar laws.

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Diet and Nutrition

Portugues people are also taking their dieting and nutrition more seriously since the landmark 2017 vegan law was passed. Their entire food industry is in a clean-up and a phase of transformation, optimizing their products to meet the demands of their customers for healthier and more nutritious food. From the seas, lakes, rivers, farms, and fields, you will be able to eat a balanced and flavourful meal across Portugal.

The Mediterranean custom is to enjoy their meals with friends and family – just as the French and Italians do. Meal times are often long and relaxed affairs, where the food is slowly eaten and enjoyed. The typical Portuguese family lunch will comprise fresh sardines and local cheese for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Exercise in Portugal

Sports and fitness activities are aplenty in Portugal. With the most beautiful beaches, a craze for football, running and cycling, the public parks and cycle and walking lanes are well-maintained, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite pastime in relative peace and safety.

As we have mentioned, the Portuguese love to spend their time outdoors. It helps that their national parks and reserves are incredibly lush and beautiful. From rugged mountains to fast-flowing rivers, to divine beaches: you’ll be able to soak up the Portuguese beauty in every lungful of clean air to recharge your health.

Portuguese Policy Changes

The Portuguese people have cut down on the bad habits that drag down health and fitness. Tobacco advertising is outlawed. This has resulted in a drop in smoking over the past two decades by 50-percent. With a strong and well-maintained public healthcare system, the Portuguese are able to undergo the best medical treatments to keep on top of their health, and this includes dental hygiene.

Culture Makes a Difference

The Portuguese – being a Mediterranean nation – also enjoy the ‘slower life’: this entails a great work-life balance with a healthy regimen of sleep and exercise. While work days are generally started at 8 am, they usually end at 5 pm – and here people don’t boast about working extra hours or overtime. They pride themselves on a healthy work-life balance. In this regard, after work, you’ll find many people participating in club sports and fitness activities such as running, cycling, surfing, and yoga in public parks, gyms, and on the beaches.