Manuela Giles 02/01/2023

Medical billing of portiva medical scribe services is becoming increasingly popular to improve the accuracy and efficiency of clinical documentation. Portiva is one company that offers this service, and they are quickly gaining a reputation for being a game-changer in the medical billing industry. Remote medical scribes monitor patient visits and take accurate medical notes […]

Manuela Giles 01/09/2021

When relocating to a new country everybody is always cautious on the type of health care system provided. France has been ranked the top country in Europe with the best public health care system and number 7 globally. This already tells a lot about the type of care you should expect as a person moving […]

Manuela Giles 01/09/2021

Health products such as vitamin and diet supplements are very popular in Copenhagen where health and overall well-being are a large focus for many people. In a city where there are long, cold winters, and brief summers, you find that people in Copenhagen take a variety of vitamins to supplement their diets and improve their […]

Manuela Giles 18/06/2021

Health they say is wealth, hence the importance of healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Healthcare is the provision of medical care to individuals or the community. Many individuals lack the basic amenities for good healthcare ranging from lack of funds, lack of health insurance, lack of qualified health workers, lack of drugs, lack of equipped hospitals, […]

Manuela Giles 14/06/2021

By July 2020, Germany had already confirmed over 200,000 coronavirus cases, and in a population of over 83 million, the country had recorded about 9,000 deaths. The mortality rate per 100,000 in Germany is one of the least in the European continent.  Comparing Germany with the US, which has a population of approximately four times […]