Manuela Giles 18/06/2021
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Health they say is wealth, hence the importance of healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Healthcare is the provision of medical care to individuals or the community. Many individuals lack the basic amenities for good healthcare ranging from lack of funds, lack of health insurance, lack of qualified health workers, lack of drugs, lack of equipped hospitals, lack of accessible roads and so many other factors that tend to limit individuals and communities to accessing quality health care system.

Healthcare is needed in order to maintain and improve one’s health and also to prevent, diagnose, treat and ensure recovery from one’s physical or mental impairment. One of the major ways to secure your health is by getting health insurance. The insurance will come in handy when you are ill and need money for treatment. Before getting a health insurance for yourself or family, you should read honest customer reviews about insurance companies in Germany like Maxcare on You will get to know the view of the locals about the different insurance companies in the country. You will subsequently know which German insurance company to opt for.

Germany healthcare

Germany healthcare system is exceptional and it is ranked one of the world’s best healthcare system. We are going to look at the factors that make the German healthcare system exceptional.

  • It is funded by social security contribution

The law in the country demands that every individual who receives a certain income and above are mandated to have health insurance thereby contributing to the sickness fund and this is based on the principle of social solidarity.

  • It offers some of the most advanced and high-quality healthcare treatment

Germany healthcare is ranked 25th place by WHO. With highly trained physicians who have been registered with the Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (SHI- Kassenärztliche Vereinigung ), This is to ensure that quality is maintained. The healthcare system uses the latest technology in the treatment of patients

  • It is a dual public-private system

Both public and private sectors are grouped under the insurance policy hence, everyone whether working in the private or public sector is entitled to medical care.

The hospitals are grouped into three categories, they are;

  1. Public Hospitals: Public hospitals are run by the government, towns and state authorities.
  2. Private hospitals: These hospitals are run by private individuals as commercial enterprises.
  3. Voluntary, non-profit-making hospitals: These hospitals are run by churches and nonprofit organizations such as Red Cross.

All these hospitals listed above have a good reputation as they are being monitored to ensure quality is maintained. These hospitals all implement the insurance policy scheme.

  • Emergency treatment

In some countries, without paying upfront or providing a health insurance card, an emergency case would not be attended to, it is usually paid before service, but this is not the case in Germany. In Germany, even if you don’t have health insurance or upfront payment for an emergency case, you will still be treated and receive a bill for the treatment later on.

  • Family Insurance

In Germany, individuals are open to an insurance scheme known as Family Insurance. In this case, one can ensure direct family member for free, the family insurance covers spouses and children with no own income. The family member with no income will always fall under the insurance of the spouse with the higher income. The family insurance has clauses which are;

  1. The spouses need to be insured with a public healthcare system
  2. The spouses are not self-employed
  3. The spouses are not insured with different public health insurance.